Well Water Design is a "better" choice for hosting.

Contrary to popular belief, not all web hosting is the same. A simple google search will reveal an astounding number of hosting companies out there today. The reality is that there are a handful of larger companies that are re-selling already overcrowded server space (like an overcrowded apartment building) to these other smaller companies, who then re-sell the space even further - often with little or no restrictions on what is being hosted. You can see how this could become problematic. For the sake of transparency, we also lease servers, however our servers are 100% private and are reserved for Well Water Design clients. Think of it like a private housing development.

The truth is, companies that offer incredibly low prices on their shared hosting along with a laundry list of "unlimited" services also tend to be some of the largest hosting providers of pornography on the web. Admittedly they aren't the ones creating this material, but they are choosing to say YES by not saying NO to those who want to push this material on the web through their adult-related websites.

We decided to do something different.

Well Water Design does not allow any adult-themed or porn-related material to be hosted on our servers, nor do we use sexually laced marketing tactics to sell our products. We have chosen to take a conscious and deliberate stand against the proliferation of pornography on at least our small corner of the web.

We hope this is just another reason you can consider Well Water Design a "better" choice when it comes to your web hosting needs.

* If you are struggling with pornography addiction or know someone who is, please visit Covenant Eyes today and learn how to begin winning the battle.

Welcome to the all-new Well Water Design

I can’t believe it’s been just about 6 years since I first launched Well Water Design’s website. In 6 years I have been overwhelmed with the amount of business that has been coming my way that I haven’t had even a moment to sit down and work on a rebuild of my own site. That is until now! I’d like to introduce to you the all-new Well Water Design.com. From the ground up, I’ve completely redesigned the site and refreshed the brand. I’ve also put a good deal of resources into the back-end for my hosting clients. If you host with Well Water Design, be sure to login to your hosting account and check out the incredible new layout and UI. It’s retina ready, responsive and built to make your hosting experience more powerful and easy to use. There will be more on all of that soon.

In the meantime, I really hope you enjoy the new look and the new resources of this new site. As always, please let others know about Well Water Design and what you love most about the service and support you receive here. I’m very thankful for each of you and look forward to helping you with your continued web presence needs.

- Rob