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  • How much will a website cost me?
    All pricing information for website design can be found here. Our design services are currently tiered at various base rates + the cost of any optional add-on services. We don’t build by the hour during the build process (unless you are having us proof copy, edit photos or prep your files for web). Once your site is launched, any edits or alterations to your site will be billable by the hour.
  • Why do your websites cost so much less than other design companies?
    There are many outstanding web design companies building incredible sites today. The problem we believe is that these companies simply charge too much money for their services. This prevents a large population of small business owners, ministries, artists and creatives from ever considering the possibility of a having a quality web presence. There is a large gap between the apparent “quality website” and the “cheap website”. If you cannot afford a $10K+ website, then you are relegated to using cheap and often free resources to get something online.

    It doesn’t have to be this way.
    For years we have proven it’s possible to provide high quality web services without forcing our clients to pull out a loan or sell an arm. We believe that “every dollar has a name” and needs to go as far as possible - thus we work with people to help them discover the best use of their carefully budget funds. From day one we set out to help others by building them amazing & affordable websites for less money so that they could continue to focus on what really matters to them: helping other people, writing music, painting, _____________ (fill in the blank).

    Could we charge more?
    Absolutely. Why don't we? Because we want our clients to do what they love and are called to do without the headaches of paying off a website.
  • Can you build me a WordPress powered website?
    The prices shown on our site are not for Wordpress powered sites. Although we appreciate WordPress and provide WordPress on our hosting accounts, the time and resources involved in keeping our costs low prevent us from using it for our main design platform . With that said, if you need a WordPress powered site, we are more than are happy to to put you in touch with someone that we recommend. Let us know.
  • Do you require a deposit?
    We require a 25% non-refundable deposit on the estimate of your site to secure your spot in the build queue. This deposit will be forwarded towards the final invoice when your site is completed.
  • What types of payment do you accept?
    We typically prefer all payments be made by CHECK. However, we do accept Visa / MasterCard as well. We will determine your payment preference during the initial setup of your site. Please make sure to let us know your preferred method of payment at that time.
  • Do I need to purchase any additional software to use the optional Content Management System (CMS)?
    No. The CMS is integrated into your site during the build and will allow you to use any modern browser to log-in to your site and begin editing. We will provide you more detailed information if you decide to use the CMS.
  • How long will it take for my site to be built?
    It depends on the amount of content you desire to have within your site and the current backlog of builds we have. Typically we can have a site mocked up and launched in about 4 weeks. Some enterprise and large business sites may take significantly longer. This will be better determined when we go over your site details. To assist us in getting to work as quickly as possible on your site, we request that you gather all the necessary content, images, etc and have them ready to transfer to us upon request.
  • Who adds the content into the site?
    The site content is provided by you to Well Water Design via a shared Dropbox folder. We typically add the content to your site initially. However, if you choose to use the optional Content Management System (CMS), we are open to allowing you full control of the content addition once the site is launched. We would simply build you a site with blank editable fields that you can fill with your content as you wish.

    If your content needs proofing/editing/alterations, we can do this for you at our current hourly rate. Once the site is launched, any changes made to your site will be charged at our current hourly rate.
  • What browsers will my new site support?
    Mozilla FireFox
    Google Chrome
    * Internet Explorer 10+
    iPhone 5+
    iPad 2+

    * We no longer officially support versions of Internet Explorer below V9.
  • What about refunds?
    Design Only Clients:
    We do not provide refunds once payments are made; either for the deposit or the full payment collected when your site is launched. Open and honest communication regarding the build process of your site is essential to preventing miscommunication. You are in essence building your site with us. We do not build anything into your site unless it is approved by you first.

    Hosting Clients:
    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee on our web hosting. If you cancel at anytime within the first 30 days of your first order, you can receive a full refund for your hosting service. The guarantee does not apply to domain names, SSL certificates, cloud servers, dedicated servers, virtual private servers or any add-on services.

    For more information on this, please see our Legal Information.
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  • How much is your hosting?
    Our hosting plans are tiered at 3 different levels to provide as much option as possible for those working on a budget.

    Launch (1GB)
    $10 /month

    Power (10GB)

    Premium (20GB)

    There is a $10.00 setup fee for all hosting accounts.
  • How many email accounts can I set up?
    We give all of our clients unlimited email accounts.
  • What is the process of switching to Well Water Design from our current web hosting provider?
    Once you are ready to launch your new Well Water Design site and you have registered for your new hosting account, our hosting department will give you two name servers to give to your current domain registrar. You may also choose to have your domain transferred to Well Water Design to make the management of your domain(s) and hosting account much easier.
  • Will I have FTP access to the server my site is hosted on?
    Yes. All of our clients have full access to their respective server space via unlimited FTP accounts.
  • Can I transfer my already existing domains to Well Water Design?
    Yes. Simply login to your client area and click on “domains” to locate the domain transfer option.
  • Why should I host my site(s) with Well Water Design?
    We are currently hosting over 90% of our clients. This is beneficial for us and for you because our server is specifically optimized for the sites that we are building. Simply put, we can offer you a much higher level of support due to the fact that we are familiar with our own server. Our server is not on a typical “shared” environment you would find with most budget level hosting companies and is 100% managed 24 hours a day. Unlike popular "cheap" hosting companies, we strictly forbid any pornography and/or adult-themed sites from ever being hosted on our server. The Well Water Design server is built upon enterprise level hardware and is backed up daily.
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* Don’t see an answer to your question? Get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

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